Sunday, 29 January 2017


Its been a really long time since we've been out birding! Every Sunday I've had off has been rainy and rubbish so we have stayed in and done home crap. Today we was no different (weather wise) but we needed out!
We had hoped to drive over to Wallsea Island, but didn't fancy driving over an hour with the threat of rain looming, so we headed over to old faithful, Rainham Marshes.
We'd been chatting about Waxwings in the car on the drive over, as we both had been admiring peoples recent shots and how we'd love to spot them again! Such a pretty bird!

We arrived at Rainham, parked up and the heavens opened, we decided we'd wander in to the center have a cup of tea and a cake and hopefully by then the rain would stop.
On the way to the center there is a little wildlife garden on the left with bird feeders and bug houses and the like, and today there was a small group of about 4 people all looking and photographing something. As we edged closer we saw it was a lone Waxwing pecking at a half apple! What luck! To say the least we were both dead chuffed at the spot and our amazing luck today! A little baffled as to why the bird was solo, we thought they traveled around in flocks. If anyone knows why it could of been alone please do share!

Here are my shots of the day!


Male Stonechat

Female Stonechat


Bluetits (could of been a nice shot!)

Brown Rat

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