Tuesday, 5 July 2016

New Forest | Dartford Warbler!

On our second day we headed down to the New Forest. Every time we visit we always keep our eyes open for the elusive Dartford Warbler. We thought we saw one once a few years ago, but wasn't sure, but now I can gladly say I'm sure it was! Walking along Ober Heath we came to a good patch of gorse and it didn't take long for Mike to point out in excitement that we had stumbled upon a pair of Dartford Warblers!
So crouching down behind gorse bushes and crawling through mud and horse poop I gradually got close enough to get a few good shots! We watched the pair for about 30 minute unsure if they had a nest some where as they both were flitting about with food.

Male Dartford Warbler - 
you can really see that beautiful distinctive red eye!

Female Dartford Warbler

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