Friday, 10 July 2015

Norfolk Getaway Part IV | Pensthorpe Natural Park

On our last full day we headed over to Pensthorpe Natural Park in Fakenham, which is an amazing wildfowl park which is also used by wild birds as a little stop over on their migration. That a wonderful variety on show, and even more exciting (for me) an aviary full of Bearded Tits! :D

The park is open daily form 10-5pm (summer) and admission is £11.25, totally worth it in my eyes. We go here just after 10 and stayed pretty much till closing we left about 4:45ish. There is a lovely cafe and gift shop and amazingly large playground for kids/adults, I couldn't help my self I went down the humongous slide!

Pensthorpe are also dedicated to conservation with special projects for Red Squirrels, Eurasian Cranes, Corncrakes and the Turtle Dove, all of which you are able to see. I took hundreds of photo's, probably just a hundred on the Bearded Tits, a little bird I've seen a few time but never got a good shot of! (I may do a whole post of just Bearded Tit shots)
So here are some of my favourite shots!

Swan Goose


Ruddy Shelduck

Mandarin Duck

Common Lizard


Crowned Crane

Sandhill Crane

Cattle Egret

Egyptian Goose

Male Corncrake

Female Corncrake

Bearded Tit

Avocet & Chick

Moore Hen Chick

Red Billed Duck? I think

Bearded Tit


 Turtle Dove

Ringed Teal Duck

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