Sunday, 21 June 2015

Norfolk Getaway | Part I - RSPB Titchwell

Finally after an incredibly long lull in our birding activities, thanks to one of those big life milestones (buying our first house!!!) we borrowed Mikes parents caravan and headed up to Sandringham Caravan Site for a week away from life.

After food shopping we grabbed our camera's and binocular's and headed out to RSPB Titchwell.

I think this is a Black-tailed Godwit in its 1st summer plumage.



Female Shoveler and her ducklings

Black-tailed Godwit

Male Reed Bunting

Common Tern

Black Headed Gull

Male Shelduck 

Female Mallard and her ducklings

Wood Pigeon 

 Reed Warbler

Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

Red-Crested Pochard

We were also lucky enough to spot 2 Otters. One either a female or a young otter who dashed up from the dyke, to the path then back, calling. Then one possibly an adult male/female hopping over the bank, across the path into the dyke which was really cool as this was our first wild otter spot.


  1. Nice photo's Jeni, The one your not sure of is a Reed Warbler. I've never seen an Otter at Titchwell and I've made many visits over the years.

    1. Thanks Jim, I'll change that :) We were so surprised it was a quick little flash, Mike managed to get a shot of the Otters snout which was cool :D