Thursday, 22 January 2015

Welcome to Jeni Wren

First off, hello and welcome to my blog!

This is going to be exclusively dedicated to my birding adventures and all things birdy.
I have always loved birds, my dad used to go through a garden birds book with me showing me the difference between a robin, a chaffinch and a house sparrow. Four years ago when I met my partner, he took me out birding and I just fell in love. I get so excited when I see a new bird for the first time or an old favourite.
I enjoy the thrill of the spot then the excitement of trying to catch a photograph, 90% of the time its a fail, I may get a blurry image where I wasn't quick enough and the bird was far too quick, or I may have amazing luck where I actually get a good shot!
I have so many images now, good and bad that I wanted to have a place, other than just in a folder on my laptop, of where to share them. So I'm starting this blog to showcase my adventures, my near captures and my get-lucky-shots. Also some of my older images that have had no love, in a sort of a flash-back-friday sort of post!

Hope you stick around to see more!


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