Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekend in Thetford

Over the 10th & 11th of January we had a weekend away bird watching up in Thetford.

First up on Saturday morning we visited High Lodge, for just a walk and a look about for any woodland birds. All we saw were Crows and Magpies. That was all! We heard plenty, just actually seeing them was another matter!

Saturday afternoon we visited the infamous Lynford Arboretum on the look out for a Hawfinch. We set out on our walk with a quiet confidence as Lynford Arboretum is known for its Hawfinches, but alas even after two visits (Saturday and Sunday) we were unable to find one.
We did see a nice group of Siskins feeding and a nice range of woodland birds flocking around feeders and scattered seeds.

On Sunday, after our revisit to Lynford Arboretum, we headed to Lakenheath Fen RSPB reserve. When we arrived we were told that there were 2 Great Egret's, a Bittern and some Bearded Tits that had been spotted that morning. Sometimes I'm sure the RSPB staff tell porkie pies! So many times we have visited a reserve to have been told that [insert bird] is rocking about, but we haven't seen even a glance of it. Same goes for this day!
Here we managed to see a lot of Gulls, a Whopper Swan (too far to photograph), a fleeting glance of another Water Rail, a Marsh Harrier and a rather unhappy looking Mute Swan. As we were leaving we did get a quick view of a Barn Owl, but I only really saw it as a white blur.

Blue Tit

Marsh Tit


Female Chaffinch

Male Chaffinch 

Great Tit

Mute Swan, victim of a possible gang fight? 

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