Sunday, 29 January 2017


Its been a really long time since we've been out birding! Every Sunday I've had off has been rainy and rubbish so we have stayed in and done home crap. Today we was no different (weather wise) but we needed out!
We had hoped to drive over to Wallsea Island, but didn't fancy driving over an hour with the threat of rain looming, so we headed over to old faithful, Rainham Marshes.
We'd been chatting about Waxwings in the car on the drive over, as we both had been admiring peoples recent shots and how we'd love to spot them again! Such a pretty bird!

We arrived at Rainham, parked up and the heavens opened, we decided we'd wander in to the center have a cup of tea and a cake and hopefully by then the rain would stop.
On the way to the center there is a little wildlife garden on the left with bird feeders and bug houses and the like, and today there was a small group of about 4 people all looking and photographing something. As we edged closer we saw it was a lone Waxwing pecking at a half apple! What luck! To say the least we were both dead chuffed at the spot and our amazing luck today! A little baffled as to why the bird was solo, we thought they traveled around in flocks. If anyone knows why it could of been alone please do share!

Here are my shots of the day!


Male Stonechat

Female Stonechat


Bluetits (could of been a nice shot!)

Brown Rat

Saturday, 9 July 2016

New Forest | Continued

As well as spotting the beautiful Dartford Warbler, we had a few other good spots including a pair of Redstarts!

New Forest Ponies

If there is one thing I can not get a decent shot of, that's a Buzzard!

Female Linnet

Male Stonechat

Red Deer - We had some crazy weather this day, it would be blisteringly hot, then cloud over and rain hard. We were under cover in a copse of trees when I took this shot.

Fallow Deer

Highland Cow

New Forest Pony

Male Redstart

Grey Wagtail

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

New Forest | Dartford Warbler!

On our second day we headed down to the New Forest. Every time we visit we always keep our eyes open for the elusive Dartford Warbler. We thought we saw one once a few years ago, but wasn't sure, but now I can gladly say I'm sure it was! Walking along Ober Heath we came to a good patch of gorse and it didn't take long for Mike to point out in excitement that we had stumbled upon a pair of Dartford Warblers!
So crouching down behind gorse bushes and crawling through mud and horse poop I gradually got close enough to get a few good shots! We watched the pair for about 30 minute unsure if they had a nest some where as they both were flitting about with food.

Male Dartford Warbler - 
you can really see that beautiful distinctive red eye!

Female Dartford Warbler

Monday, 4 July 2016

Brownsea Island | Red Squirrels

We finally had a chance to get away for a week in Mikes parents caravan, We stayed on a site in Winchester which was a great location for getting to other places. On our first day, and best weather day, we drove down to Poole and hopped on a boat over to Brownsea Island in the hopes of seeing some Red Squirrels. 

View from Brownsea Island

Herring Gull


Peacock in all his glory!
Such a stunning bird, I wasn't able to get many shots of his display as, as you can imagine there were quite a few people crowding him.

Fledgling Wren

not the best shot...but it is a White Admiral Butterfly

By the time this little guy appeared we had walked around most of the island and was contemplating going down to the Nature Reserve part of the island. Mike was saying to me '...they apparently have the red squirrels in the reserve..' when he turned and spotted this cutie. I managed to take 3 quick snaps before he hopped off! We wondered off to go get an ice cream, then headed back to the reserve entrance where we saw more of our little friends! 

the 'if I stay really still they cant see me behind this bracken' trick


Friday, 30 October 2015

Re-living our hunt for Waxwings! 2013

So its been months since Mike and I have been 'proper' birding. We've been to Rainham Marshes a few times but never got any shots of much and buying a house has sort of taken over our lives a bit; 5 months on and we are still not in! And any time we have off together is spent buying crap for the house. So I decided to sit down and go through some old pictures and found my shots of a flock of Waxwings that spent a week in a local dog walking park 2 years ago!

Mike had read on some birding websites that they had been sighted at Jeskins Park and we had a few hours before I had to be at work so we headed out in the bitter cold and snow to try and find them. After spending nearly an hour walking around and around the dog park we decided to give up head home for food before I needed to leave for my shift. On our way back to the car park we caught a glimpse of a flock of birds sitting in some bare trees. A quick check in the bins and we had found them! Yay!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Norfolk Getaway Part IV | Pensthorpe Natural Park

On our last full day we headed over to Pensthorpe Natural Park in Fakenham, which is an amazing wildfowl park which is also used by wild birds as a little stop over on their migration. That a wonderful variety on show, and even more exciting (for me) an aviary full of Bearded Tits! :D

The park is open daily form 10-5pm (summer) and admission is £11.25, totally worth it in my eyes. We go here just after 10 and stayed pretty much till closing we left about 4:45ish. There is a lovely cafe and gift shop and amazingly large playground for kids/adults, I couldn't help my self I went down the humongous slide!

Pensthorpe are also dedicated to conservation with special projects for Red Squirrels, Eurasian Cranes, Corncrakes and the Turtle Dove, all of which you are able to see. I took hundreds of photo's, probably just a hundred on the Bearded Tits, a little bird I've seen a few time but never got a good shot of! (I may do a whole post of just Bearded Tit shots)
So here are some of my favourite shots!

Swan Goose


Ruddy Shelduck

Mandarin Duck

Common Lizard


Crowned Crane

Sandhill Crane

Cattle Egret

Egyptian Goose

Male Corncrake

Female Corncrake

Bearded Tit

Avocet & Chick

Moore Hen Chick

Red Billed Duck? I think

Bearded Tit


 Turtle Dove

Ringed Teal Duck